Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Sources for Right Wing "Knowledge" — Extremely Shallow Cesspool

Right Wing Troika for Daily Nonsense BS and Plain Lies 
(Sean Hannity, Alex Jones, Rush Limbaugh)

From Media Matters – a darn good assessment of right wing media. A few highlights:

Spend enough time on the comments sections of the right-wing Internet, or watch right wing cable TV (i.e., FOX), and a significant number of people who hold beliefs based on completely false premises will become all too apparent.

(My Emphasis: A lot of that is spewed daily by those three persons shown above — just to make my point).

In that right wing media world, fact checks and hard evidence are all too easily flicked away with accusations of liberal bias, making civil discourse increasingly hostile and polarized at the expense of truth.

(I insert: Views and harsh opinions seem nowadays to trump facts and the truth and reality).

That’s because these audiences have been trapped under a tight bubble right-wing media has built, an ecosystem that makes it hard for truth to seep in, while lies ricochet endlessly inside. 

The bubble holds strong because it’s sustained on the tired trope that the mainstream media is hiding liberal biases under a mask of objectivity. President Trump has taken this worn-out concept to dangerous levels by constantly undermining and antagonizing media outlets that he deems critical of him.

Trump’s war on the press has invigorated unscrupulous smear merchants and power-hungry zealots in control of messaging within the bubble to suggest they are an honest alternative to mainstream media – honest in that they openly acknowledge their right-wing bias – and present themselves as a solution to a fabricated problem.

Significant Fact: That bubble becomes increasingly impenetrable by design and the tighter its grip grows over audiences, the more power its purveyors can trade to a political establishment that both needs the bubble for its survival and fears its influence.

Five examples (in the article) show absolute lies promoted by right wing media figures that will infinitely bounce among right wing audiences trapped under or in that bubble, in an impervious layer of chicanery and manipulation that doesn’t allow fact-checking, evidence, or reality to penetrate.  Those examples are in link

I rest my case. Thanks for stopping by.

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