Monday, July 31, 2017

Trump Corruption Saga: Chapter ??? (Lost Count) Most-Serious Pending Right Now

The King of Liars is You, Pop 

Case in Point — The Headlines:

President Trump dictated Don Jr’s misleading statement about the meeting with Russian lawyer

(Why? To obviously cover his own ass and Don Jr’s, too)

This story from the Washington Post, who BTW is doing a bang up job on this coverage just like they did when Woodward and Bernstein worked on Watergate … with their super reporting and now with this story which I suspect sent the Trump pucker factor up several notches.

Highlights of this super serious potentially critical legal problem for Donald Jr… for lying under oath to the Senate committee but more so for Papa Trump for actually in my mind showing a willingness to obstruct justice knowingly with this type of lie – to cover up the real intent of the meeting which all evidence show was to give Donnie Jr. dirt on Hillary Clinton that the Russians had gathered.

As I said this huge … and I’m also sure Mueller knows.

My view for what it’s worth: It has two impacts: (1) On Don Jr's proposed original statement – which was a lie until the corrected it a day or so later and then third time just before he spoke officially, and (2) President saying officially that he didn’t even know about the scheduled meeting.

The potential legal B/L: Blatant obstruction of justice in play as well as possible witness tampering, and worse, witness tampering even for his own son – the congressional witness.

All in all, I have to say that on the surface it’s pretty damning and serious.

Hey, Mr. Trump: Duck!!! What Duck, you say???

The one that just shit on your head.

Continue the rather long story at the link here.

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