Saturday, August 5, 2017

Congress: Huddled Mass Yearning to Breathe, Leave Wretched DC, Head Home for R&R

White Sandy Beaches Here We Come – Keep the Mai Tai’s Coming

WASHINGTON (NBC News piece) — Congress is ready for a break.
For Republicans flush with election victory, 2017 was supposed to be a year of winning, as then-candidate Donald Trump often said, for an ambitious legislative agenda on Capitol Hill.

Seven months in, it hasn't worked out the way they envisioned.

Republican leaders have failed to repeal and replace Obama-care, they are behind schedule on reforming the nation’s tax system, and they haven't even broached plans to boost the nation's infrastructure — three of their top legislative priorities.

Now they are leaving town for their annual August recess, feeling frustrated, exhausted, and disappointed that a rare opportunity to pass their agenda is being squandered.

They have control of Congress and the White House but little to show for it so far.

On top of their own inability to make progress, there's a hefty dose of Trump fatigue as Republican leaders have had to maneuver alongside a drama-filled White House led by a president who has shown little interest in the details of policy or loyalty to them or the party.

My View: So, Congress needs a break because they are: tired, worn out, frustrated, disappointed, and worried about their effective and sadly, their failures ... hell, now they know the general public feels.

Pathetic bunch – preaches responsibility and accountability and can’t even define the words.

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