Thursday, April 20, 2017

Donald J. Trump the Axe Man Cometh: 100-Day Goal is Driving Him Insanely Over the Edge

You guys ready for round two 

One focus, one goal, one aim, one mission, one issue

They'e bacccccccccck...!!! Trump and his misguided and confused minions are once again rushing through another “repeal and replace” to meet Trump's 100-days-in-office deadline pledge. WTF that is his standard? 
One huge impact lingers:
At the center was the court battle that began under the Obama administration to help lower-income people pay medical bills and insurance deductibles. (Trump and GOPers hate that sort of thing).
Taking the basics away now would prompt the giant insurers to either flee the market or severely hike premiums to cover costs. 
Despite calls from the health care industry, business groups and Democrats to continue the payments, the White House has yet to tip its hand.
According to a draft of the tentative deal obtained by POLITICO, the latest proposal would allow states to apply for “limited waivers that would undermine Obamacare's protections for pre-existing conditions.” What does that mean exactly?
Under those waivers if implemented, states could opt out of Obamacare standards setting minimum benefits that health plans must offer and a requirement — called community rating — forbidding insurers from charging different prices to people based on health status.
Both are provisions that the GOP’s ultraconservatives have pushed to eliminate as part of the repeal effort, contending that these coverage mandates drive up the cost of insurance.
States opting out of the community rating rules would: (1) be forced to set up separate insurance pools (known as high-risk pools), and (2) people would be priced out of the private market where insurance is sold, and (3) they would be not be able to get good affordable coverage that they have right now under Obama-care.
In essence, this governing GOP does not give a crap. 
Now imagine that group included you and your family and loved ones?

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