Saturday, April 22, 2017

Charles Ponzi, Bernie Madoff, or Donald Trump — 3-Card Monte Gurus

One Example of Modern Day Trump Scheme

Carlo Pietro Giovanni Guglielmo Tebaldo Ponzi
(Namesake of “Ponzi Scheme” – mugshot when booked in 1910)

Trump’s first 100 days … video point of view on CNN via YouTube:

Introduction: Re: Take for example his so-called “Contract with the American Voter.” 
This was his promise to the American people of everything he planned to accomplish during his first 100 days in office.
One little problem, he and the entire GOP cannot blame DEMS is pretty simple: He did not get one single piece of legislation outlined in this “contract” passed – which shouldn’t surprise anyone that he’s now downplaying the significance of the “first 100 days.” Ironically, and somewhat funny, but classic Trump, he keeps saying the first few weeks of his administration have been some of the most successful in U.S. history – now that a stretch even for him.
The truth is by all measurement standards, Trump's brief time in office has been a near total disaster
(2) Nearly daily barrage of new scandals and controversies and faux pas swirling around his administration, with Conway, Spicer, Flynn, Bannon, his daughter and son-in-law – the list goes on and one. 
Ergo: The only people naïve enough to think his time in office has been some of the most successful in our nation’s history are without doubt those who were dumb enough to vote for him and had the Trump-care healthcare measure passed would have been impacted probably the most – and they still probably don’t even know it … just wait until round two of the AHCA in week or so reemerges – expected to pass and watch the impact across RED America – and again, DEMS cannot be blamed – the GOP owns it all: W/H, Senate, and the House and now, possibly the Supreme Court; so, hang on tight.
Keep in mind he has been woefully ineffective despite the fact of his daily EO signing TV spots. As noted above, he and his party controls both the House and Senate and all they needed to repeal Obama-care and pass Trump-care was a simple majority vote and they couldn’t even muster that. Not even to mention our fleet was heading 180 degrees opposite of North Korea when he implied they were heading for North Korea shores to I guess “prevent WWIII.” That is a whopper for sure.
The sad fact is yes, Trump is Trump: He demands and needs and has to have the spotlight — the limelight just like a game show host or a junkie needing a fix. He always has to be at the center of attention and winning – even when he loses he considers the effort a win even with defeat.
His own words prove and show that practically on a daily basis. Others feel the same as seen here.
Donald J. Trump is a very poor president, a very dangerous CINC who has awesome power, and he has a string of failures to prove it.
He is not even a successful or savvy businessman unless we count his con artist deals and projects that looked good and then failed – a salesman on the same level as another P.T. Barnum, Bernie Madoff, or Charles Ponzi.
Harsh you say, yes, but not as harsh as Trump actions to date and pending or forthcoming — bet on it.

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