Monday, April 17, 2017

Are We Becoming a Police State — Also Look Worldwide — Very Troubling Aspects

Eyes Always Turned On Us (24/7)

Did Worldwide Events Cause This

The Good Old Days
(Now normal new days)

All To Common Across America
(Probably in your hometown, too)

A timely topic for discussion to be sure: Police State U.S. of A.

So, are we becoming or already have become a police state? – This a simple yes or no question. Along the way while you ponder that question, consider these articles that address this subject, then research the issue yourself. It is important.

7.  Then consider this story, published locally – but has wide application.

Let me be perfectly clear: I totally support law enforcement and respect their loyalty and dedication “To Serve and Protect,” and for the many sacrifices they make.

But to be quite frank: Why do police today have to look like they are ready for a heavily-armed infantry combat patrol?

In some cases, yes, force is needed I understand that, but more and more often we now see them deployed regularly looking like an angry SWAT team or running some CTU operation with “Jack Bauer” up front. That is my point.

Surely the public knows what I mean, but at the same time we need not be scared shitless should we? Just asking.

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