Thursday, May 26, 2016

Trump Now the Face of the GOP as He "Leads" Them Towards the Nearest Sewer

For Major Role in Believing and Spreading Every Imaginable Conspiracy 
(The envelope please, and the winner is: Donald J. Trump)

Donald and I see things exactly the same way no matter where we look

NY Times Highlights How Trump’s “Whole Frame of Reference” is Right-Wing Media Conspiracy Theories

Highlights from this article and easy to see why it's not hard to not support the basic premise therein: Trump is not so bright except what he reads or hears over the airwavews. To wit:

The New York Times’ Jonathan Martin explains that because presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s “whole frame of reference” for his campaign strategy has been conservative media outlets and discredited conspiracy theories, he’s “obliterated” the line separating elected officials and “conservative mischief makers.”

Trump has long had a symbiotic relationship with conservative media. Fox News and other right-wing news outlets have built up his campaign and repeatedly defended his controversial policies and rhetoric while Trump has echoed their talking points and peddled their conspiracy theories -- most recently including the claim the Clintons were involved with the death of aide Vince Foster

Trump regularly surrounds himself with and lauds known conspiracy theorists like Alex Jones, an infamous 9/11 truther, and Roger Stone, a notorious dirty trickster who alleges the Clintons are murderers. Trump has also courted and pushed the claims of discredited author and conspiracy theorist Ed Klein, whose conspiracies on the Clintons have been called “fan faction” and “smut.”

In a May 25 piece, Martin noted that Trump has obliterated “the line separating the conservative mischief makers and the party’s more buttoned-up cadre of elected officials and aides.” Martin also quoted Republican strategists explaining that Trump’s “whole frame of reference is daytime Fox News and [Alex Jones] Infowars.”

Continue here from the article.

Finally, this from a renowned source: President Barack Obama’s assessment of Donald J. Trump vis-√†-vis concerns raised by some world leaders about Trump actually becoming president.

“He [Trump] has shown an ignorance of world affairs, or with a cavalier attitude, or an interest in getting tweets and headlines instead of actually thinking through what it is required to keep America safe and secure and prosperous.” 

Can’t argue with that assessment, and I would add: Imagine Mr. Trump working with other world leaders about anything critically important, that is other than making money from himself about anything that benefits him other than more of his bragging about how rich and likable he is and how much he likes other people, despite his string of raw, ugly, nasty insults handed out freely towards anyone who in range who happens to disagree with him, or challenges him, or heaven forbid, stands up to him about anything. 

But, those on Trump's payroll who handle him give us some advice. “Hey, it's an election. Don’t worry, he is still evolving.” Evolving in the worst possible fashion for sure. Wow. That's a first.

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