Monday, May 30, 2016

Another ME-Refugee Matter to Ponder: "Leishmaniasis" (Sand Fly Flesh Eater)

The Nasty Little Culprit

 The Areas Where the Disease is Spreading

Breaking news:  Another very serious and scary story about an outbreak in the ME from here [click] with dramatic pictures (Caution: may offend some readers).

Highlights and Introduction: “A FLESH-EATING tropical disease is sweeping through the Middle East and may yet end up in Europe, after ISIS’ civil war helped to create the perfect breeding grounds for infected vectors. Cutaneous is a parasitic disease caused by bites from infected sand flies, which are thriving in the squalid conditions created by the war in the Middle East. The disease can eventually lead to severe scarring, and is spreading rapidly as displaced people and refugees flee the ISIS strongholds where the disease is thriving. Those infected suffer from open sores on the skin, nose bleeds and difficulties breathing and swallowing, with more serious strains of the leading to death, if left unchecked. In its most deadly form, Cutaneous Leishmaniasis can be a destructive and debilitating condition, which eats away at the mucous membranes of the nose, mouth and throat.”

Previously, the disease had been contained to Syria, where it thrived in ISIS-controlled regions such as Raqqa, Deir al-Zour, and Hasakah, but now the parasite is eating its way through the entire region.

Related: This slide presentation is from Water Reed [click here see the 37 slides] Title “Leishmaniasis” prepared and presented by: Army Major Mark Polhemus at the Leishmania Treatment Center at Walter Reed Army Medical Center.

Scary news from the ME for sure that once again show how many “leaders” in that part of the world surely must be proud about how they create these messes that end up abusing their own people by the tens of thousands.

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