Saturday, May 21, 2016

Trump: Changing the GOP Forever — the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

A “good guy” with a gun ready to stop anyone else: Good, bad, or ugly

Very excellent article here in part from Pretty dramatic title:

After Trump: How authoritarian voters will change American politics.

“The Republican Party, for the past several months, has been struggling with an increasingly urgent disaster. Their presidential primary has been hijacked by a bellowing, marmalade-toned demagogue who, despite his electrifying effect on a large swathe of Republican primary voters, has the worst favorability ratings ever measured for a national political candidate: Donald J. Trump.”

“Trump's abysmal national polling will probably ensure a crushing defeat for the GOP in November. But the voters who have thrilled to his candidacy aren't going away, and they will continue to shape the Republican Party for years to come.”

They are the American authoritarians, a newly coalesced Republican constituency. And this primary has shown that they are now too powerful for the party to manage — and too significant for it to ignore.”

“Trump's bewildering rise offers a hint of the ways in which authoritarianism could reshape American politics. The party's failed attempts to stop Trump have revealed that he is just a particularly telegenic manifestation of a divide within the party that is far deeper and more complex than anyone realized. It is a problem that, if left unsolved, could keep the Republican Party out of the White House for a generation or more — and dramatically affect American politics (even longer).”

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