Thursday, January 14, 2016

Most-Dangerous Man in America, NRA's Wayne La Pierre, Hands Down Jerk

Yep  the Real Problem

Fear Sells for Sure

Until, Well Until This Happens 

NRA CEO Wayne La Pierre in this video is talking insurrection... listen carefully:


La Pierre says Mr. Obama has formed a “Federal Gun Force” that is ready to launch an attack on gun rights all across the country.

FEDERAL GUN FORCE ... give me a frickin' break.

La Pierre’s words come nowhere near free speech or even rational decent logical speech on any level. It smacks of anarchy stirred by fear and hype and his careful design. 

All Americans, gun owners or not should stand up against that prick and this kind of ugly and quite frankly dangerous talk and demand he retract his words.

The real danger, if any? Wayne La Pierre, striving to be the #1 asshole in America, and right on track heads above all others.

That video is laced with lies and as I said, laced with fear and hype … to date, no one, let alone Mr. Obama has come and taken anyone’s guns … this is the worst kind of fear-mongering possible.

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