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VOTE HILLARY Why Not: Poor E-Mail Mgt; Fox Said No; GOP Scare Tactics

Latest Illness Outbreak With No Known Cure or Antidote

Readers will quickly note that I have tried to lay out this issue in an easy-to-read/easy-to-follow format so I can understand it in one package, if that’s possible. I present the major highlights in a simple format. I hope you can follow and figure it out and enjoy.

Introduction to the so-called Hillary Clinton e-mail scandal:

This has a lot of folks tied up on a knot but mostly on the rightwing side who are suffering from a very bad case of the hissy fits. The latest is simple: she will going to be indicted and go to trial and then jail about the discovery of potentially (but still disputed I might interject early) “top secret information” that prompted the FBI to take custody of her private email server back in August, and since has been the primary driver of criticism over her handling of sensitive information in her emails without proven finality.

All that is pending but has everyone’s panties are in a tight bind and hyped badly and all without any evidence of anything to follow. Pretty much like the GOP searching and yearning for a noose to tie around her over Benghazi. But, I digress, but you see my point.

None of this has stopped this kind of reporting for example from keeping the issue alive as they say.

Some initial background: 

Clinton has repeatedly defended her use of a private email server by claiming “nothing she sent or received was marked classified at the time.”  However, now well after the fact and those statements, hundreds of her emails have since been marked classified by the State Department, with hundreds more expected to receive that designation before the agency finishes screening them this month.

Related to that part about “after the fact” news:  

Intelligence officials had claimed that one email in Clinton’s account was classified because it “contained information from a top-secret intelligence community product or report.” After further review it was determined that the report was not issued until several days after the email in question had been written and they added: “The initial determination was based on a flawed process.”
“There was an intelligence product people thought that one of the emails was based on, but that actually postdated the email in question.”

Still more background and more details:

November 2015: Top intelligence officials may be walking back their claim that Hillary Clinton's private emails contained information classified up to “Top Secret,” the finding earlier this year that triggered an FBI investigation into Clinton's private server.

Where did all this come from, i.e., the chain of events:  
  • Intelligence Community Inspector General I. Charles McCullough III made the claim that two of the emails contained top-secret information.
  • The State Department publicly stated its disagreement.
  • State asked DNI’s office to referee the dispute.
  • That disagreement has been resolved in State’s favor.
  • A spokesman (Brian Hale) for DNI Clapper’s office then said the review of the emails has not been completed, adding: “ODNI has made no such determination and the review is ongoing” (Clapper spokesman Brian Hale).
  • The source at State said officials had already received instructions from intelligence officials that they need not use the strictest standards for handling the two emails in dispute – meaning that they aren’t highly classified.

Politico is still standing by its anonymous source.

Finally this from the National Journal – take it for what it’s worth, in part this was as they blast the NY Times:

Another day, another double-take reading the New York Times. The latest shoe in the investigation of Hillary Clinton’s scandalous mishandling of classified information dropped heavily this week. It had already been reported that, contrary to her denials, hundreds of secret intelligence communications were transmitted over the private, unsecured e-mail system on which the former secretary of state recklessly conducted government business.  It is now clear that some of these contained “Top Secret/SAP” information (SAP is “Special Access Programs”), and that indicates defense secrets of the highest order, the compromise of which can destroy vital intelligence programs, get covert agents killed, and imperil national security. Yet, in reporting the Times story, Mark Mazzetti took pains to stress: The government has said that Mrs. Clinton is not a subject of the investigation.”

So, why not get all the facts, or at least wait for the final report as it were before hanging Mrs. Clinton or anyone else out to dry? Oh, they can’t do that – they need hype and smear now, or as Jim Carrey would say: “Alrighty then.” 

Finally, what should we make of all this? I’d have to say not much as this stage, but it does appear to be one big goat screw…!!!

I am tempted to say it’s just more dirty tricks and ugly politics as usual – heck I will say that – it is all that and much, much more.

I predict at the end of the day, there will be “no there there,” but don’t count on the GOP letting go of that bone until November 7th (Hint: election eve). So, stay tuned – it’s gonna get a helluva lot uglier, and believe me a lot nastier, even if that is possible more than now.  

Thanks for stopping by. Stay tuned as usual. This isn’t over – not by a long shot.

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