Friday, January 8, 2016

Rep. Paul Ryan: The Dumbest Speaker in American History Par Excellence

Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) and is Flock of Nitwits (Voted to Repeal ACA)
(And it only took 62 votes - Nice Photo Op Though)

Ryan's House - The Real Costume
(For GOP voters I might add) 

President Obama as expected vetoed the bill to repeal the ACA (Obama-care) that also aimed to defund Planned Parenthood as reported on here.

Following the President’s announcement, Speaker Paul Ryan said in part that: “[… it was no surprise that someone named Obama vetoed a bill repealing Obamacare.”]

Memo for Mr. Ryan:
Guess who gave the Federal ACA bill the nickname "Obama-care?"  Yeah, you and your pack of brain-dead morons, Mr. Ryan. Once again you show America the brand of dumb cluck you are — at least in my view.

Ryan’s remarks plainly show that he and his bunch of hypocrites have zero substance to boot, but they do have but plenty of fancy PR stunts up their collective sleeve.

Ryan concluded by adding: “We will see this law either collapse under its own weight, or we will see this law in the next session of Congress as we’re proving here today, will be repealed and signed and replaced by a Republican president.”

I shudder to have seen him as elected as VP under Mitt Romney. That would have been bad, but he now as Speaker appears to be far worse.

It's hard to comprehend how anyone could ever vote Republican and more so after watching the performance, or should I say lack of positive performance by this 12% job approval rated GOP-run Congress … really.

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