Friday, December 25, 2015

Texas 2016 New Gun Law: Patently Absurd, Crazy, Illogical, Mad, Paranoid

New Open Carry Gun Law Effective in New Year
(How Texans Are Seen)

How Most Americans React to Mass Shootings
(Gun Nut Reaction)

Scene in a Texas Chipotle
(Enjoy your meal while they protect you - need more hot sauce)

New Year insanity ... and of course, in Texas. Before I address this insane subject, I would like to say right up front: If Texas wants to secede I say let them, In fact, give them back to Mexico, guns at all – then see how that new government handles the gun, law and order, and oh, yeah, immigrant issues.

This story from here: As of January 1, 2016, licensed Texans will no longer be forced to conceal their revolvers or semi-automatic handguns while out in public.

According to a new open carry law, which Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed at a gun range last June, licensed Texans can now openly carry their firearm (as long as it’s secured in a belt or shoulder holster) in all the same places where they could already carry a concealed weapon — which is pretty much anywhere except federal buildings, courthouses, polling places, amusement parks, worship centers, sporting events, jails, and businesses like bars where more than 51 percent of their earnings come from alcohol sales.

This whole issue by any standard is utterly insane. In fact, I’m not sure we can even define the word standard any longer. In short, it is utter and complete insanity.

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It’s not as if Chipotle's strain of E.coli weren't enough, they may now face “lead poisoning.”

Thanks for stopping by and have a Happy New Year despite this troubling news – as if we don't have enough problems already. This issue surely adds to that list in a very bad and insane way I think.

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