Monday, December 28, 2015

Duck: A Good Guy With a Gun Kills Three Other Good Guys With Guns

Three "Good Guys" (actually two women included) and one man

Gun Nuts Need to Pay Attention
(With rational logical reasoning)

Three Puerto Rico police officers killed in shooting at Ponce police station by fellow officer

No matter the reason or motivation such as anger, jealousy, lust, love, greed, revenge, or whatever, a gun makes it quick and sure and the reasons gun nuts and others use to mitigate or try and justify it are just crazy as the shooter, e.g., a half dozen lame and weak-ass excuses:

“That is not who I am...”
“That would never be me...”
“I have my NRA training...”
“I only use my gun to hunt or for self-defense...”
“I am a NRA-rated responsible gun owner...”
“My guns are always locked up and safe....”

Related: (1) the Uncle who shot his niece in the face or (2) the 3-year old who shot and killed his infant brother, or (3) the 2-year old who grabbed his Mom's gun at Walmart and shot and killed her ... etc etc etc. and lot’s of other examples - do the searches.

Let's face it, a gun death is swift and sure and permanent – at the same time, the reasons given to “justify” no gun rules are as weak as horse piss.

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