Wednesday, December 23, 2015

GOP Latest WMD Scare — Their Homemade Fear and Hype Formula

Keys to Win in 2016 - Just Watch and Listen the GOP 

Lots of examples and a few here:
Less than a month after taking office, Kentucky’s newly elected Republican Gov. Matt Bevin reversed a move by his Democratic predecessor that had restored the voting rights of about 140,000 former felons.  

Those impacted, who are overwhelmingly African American and lower income, had already completed their felony sentences but remained permanently disenfranchised. The order excluded those convicted of violent crimes, sex crimes, bribery or treason.

Bevin’s move Tuesday night goes against promises he made during the campaign to keep the restoration of voting rights in place. 

Related from the Hill >>> Another GOP congressional assault on voting rights – voter suppression by any other name.  

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