Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Standing With the Liars and Behind Their Lies: Are We There Yet – The Bottom of the Barrel

Trump Backers, Surrogates, Loyalists, Mouthpieces, Former Foes All Back Him  

This is video mix is related to and introduces the post that follows:

The worst of the worse in this crazy wild presidential election is the following fine article which is a catalog of key Donald J. Trump insults we have seen over the past 18 months of so during his run for the presidency. It is a great piece put together and posted by Yahoo. News. It is truly worth reviewing. It can also be read an seen here (each of the 16 examples are linked there). They label it:

“16 people who shaped the 2016 election”

The hardest and perhaps worst part about seeing and hearing all this again is that Trump always denies anything he said or has done that we have seen and heard him say or do that has been captured on video or in print. 

Trump always denies those things after the fact with a strong defense by blaming someone or something else (e.g., the biased media, a broken or lousy microphone, background noise, and now we have “a rigged election system” (unless he wins), and more, or something else just as pathetic and wild to dismiss or whitewash his original quote or act that we all saw and heard, and pathetically, he expects people to believe those denials despite what we saw and heard, simply because he says so. 

It is incomprehensible that anyone like Trump actually seeks or could win the White House. I define him this way:

Donald J. Trump is a chronic liar; a serial liar; a pathologically compulsive liar without exception, who is a rude and crude, yet very clever and slick con artist like a flim-flam man who flies into town, says crazy stuff while playing to an audience it appears, hungry for what he says as the gospel not realizing he is doing it for ratings and his own elevation and enjoyment and not much else. In short, his supporters are played for his enjoyment thoroughly like a violin that he enjoys.

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