Sunday, October 30, 2016

Major Update: FBI Director's Blunder About “New” (or maybe not) Email Discovery

Battle Between AG and FBI About What? Who in Hell Knows - That is The Problem

We still don’t know all the details of that shocking FBI Director’s announcement, but we the public need to know since that proverbial cat is out of the bag. Consider this and the following post below:

“No, there is no ‘new’ Hillary Clinton email scandal; the FBI ‘did not reopen’ its old closed (last July) investigation, and this ‘new story’ has absolutely ‘nothing to do with’ Hillary Clinton period.”

Four Facts for Those Inclined to Deal in Logic and Honest Review About this Latest Email Flap and Not More Hype and Utter Speculation:

1.  FBI investigative matters are not publicly disclosed in advance of their completion, and their “targets” are not publicly released, period (longstanding DOJ/FBI policy).

2.  The FBI in fact has not obtained a federal search warrant (which is required by law) to examine the “new” Abedin/Weiner documents and devices, period.

3.  The discussed on-going whatever (not yet started) may not discover anything new; may in fact reveal previously discovered and examined emails and documents, or not.

4.  Demand is great for full disclosure since have no idea what those emails are or contain, Plus, Director Comey himself noted they may not even be significant and now we learn that he himself has not even seen the ‘new’ emails.

Wow!!! These four key point underscore the immediate and full disclosure of the ‘new’ data (if ‘new’ at all) since the target is clear: Hillary Clinton and the purpose is run her, and it’s playing out half-ass over the media favorable to Trump in the fashion we all see and hear since the Comey letter was released. It is now in the hands of partisan hacks, whom we have heard and seen on the Sunday shows and continue to hear from Trump in his new recycled speeches and from others on his behalf.

Another possibility based on this breaking story that I noteMaybe Anthony Weiner used his wife's PC (laptop) to hide his nasty stuff from her so she would not suspect it was on her computer – it is therefore a strong possibility that even Ms. Abedin did not see or know about him using her PC for his sneaky subterfuge past her.

So, the Bottom Line as They Say: Get out the full info and let the public know now. This election is historic and critical and they public does have a right to know all the facts – not more rumor, speculation, innuendo, and conspiracy after conspiracy.

I believe that in the end and as quickly as possible that we all see that there is no there there (to coin an old cliché). 

However, stay tuned – our future is at stake. Thanks for stopping by. Vote your heart and conscience on November 8th …

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