Friday, December 11, 2015

Yes, Dorothy: There Are Loopholes at Gun Shows, Even in Kansas

Congress Should Close the "so-called" Gun Show Loophole
(and yes, there is a huge one

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Headlines today that has the NRA and their Congressional GOP allies up in arms (no pun intended) seen here.
“Obama looks to expand background checks for guns with executive action”

White House says it is also exploring so-called gun show loophole as House Democrats push to have federal ban on gun violence research funding lifted.

From the article, in part: Valerie Jarrett, White House adviser said at a recent shooting victim’s vigil: “Americans are mobilizing. Two weeks ago I met at the White House with a group of gun owners who believe in the need for change. Many were former NRA members who made clear to me that the NRA no longer represents them, and they assured me that many more gun owners were feeling the same.”
Separately, Connecticut’s Democratic Governor Dan Malloy announced that he would sign an executive order to bar people on the government’s terrorism watch lists from buying guns in the state. The move came ahead of next week’s third anniversary of the shooting of 20 young children and six of their adults at Sandy Hook elementary school in Newtown, CT.
Meanwhile, House Democrats have launched a fresh effort to take on the powerful gun lobby, demanding an end to a 17-year ban on government-funded research into violence involving firearms. Nancy Pelosi, the Dems' House minority leader, announced the initiative on Thursday at an emotional press conference at Capitol Hill in Washington.
Related to that ban: Rep. Mike Thompson (D-CA) released a letter in which the original sponsor of the amendment – former Republican Rep. Jay Dickey (R-AR) now says it is time to reinstate funding for gun violence research, in part adding: “I have recently expressed my regrets that we didn’t continue that research with the provision that nothing shall be done in this project to infringe the rights of gun ownership as guaranteed by the US Constitution in the second amendment. It is my position that somehow or someway we should slowly but methodically fund such research until a solution is reached. Doing nothing is no longer an acceptable solution,” Dickey wrote. 
I conclude that we need positive action and concrete deeds to stop the gun-related death and shootings and suffering. Common sense and logic can prevail and must prevail in this matter and without infringing on anyone’s gun rights, which I firmly support… this insanity as to stop now.  
Thanks for stopping by – now see what you can do as you part. Just a thought.

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