Sunday, December 13, 2015

Gun Sales, Profits, and Gun Deaths All Record Highs — Low on Apathy

More Guns, More Death, So What's New? Oh, Yeah More Guns. /s/ the NRA.

The Freedom Group, maker of the Bushmaster assault rifle — a weapon used at Sandy Hook seen above — pulled down $57.7 million in profits in 2013 — nearly 10 times the $5.9 million they made the prior year.

Four guns used in San Bernardino were a Smith & Wesson M&P assault rifle; a DPMS Panther Arms assault rifle; a Smith & Wesson handgun; and, a Llama handgun.

We Americans are both insanely in love with our guns and also callous about gun-related deaths that I believe shames us in the eyes of the world.
Before I go any further, I need to say once again that I strongly support the 2nd Amendment, but I can’t defend the NRA, and I have said so for years, but (that famous but), but, we need to apply some common sense in gun policy where none exists today.
I find astounding that gun sales and gun manufacturers are once again seeing massive sales and all-time profits since the Sandy Hook school shooting in 2012. 
Cite this story: “Gun maker profits reach $632 million since Sandy Hook” seen here.
The NRA axiom that more “good guys with guns are needed to stop a bad guy with a gun” simply does not hold water. We have over 300 million guns in the country and still far too many gun-related deaths and crimes with guns involved like in recent mass shootings. Just think about that what the NRA and gun nuts imply: to stop more gun deaths, we need more guns…!!! How ironic is that, yet it sells as much as gun sales and their profits soar.
This is both Interesting and disturbing at the same time:
1. In Kansas, gun owners can now carry concealed weapons without obtaining a license. 
2. In Texas, those with permits will soon be able to carry openly in holsters and bring concealed weapons into some college classrooms. 
3. In Arkansas, gun enthusiasts may be able to carry weapons into polling
places next year when they vote for president.
Dozens of new state laws have made it easier to obtain guns and carry them in more public places and made it harder for local governments to enact restrictions, according to a review of state legislation by The AP. The number of guns manufactured and sold and the number of permits to carry concealed weapons have also increased, data show.
We have had over 33,000 gun-related deaths (CDC numbers for 2013), and since Sandy Hook (2012) we have had over 90,000 gun-related deaths. Those numbers are hard facts and just as hard to fathom. Just as hard as to get decent rational common sense gun policy, too. Yes, guns sell but fear sells more.
 But the one aspect that scares the crap out of me is the "open carry laws" popping up all over. Just imagine the impact of millions of Americans strutting down the streets with a .45 strapped on their hip like Wyatt Earp
All that would be missing is a Judge Roy Bean and his saloon court justice. Or how about another Judge Isaac Parker, the "Hanging Judge” from Fort Smith who ruled over the lawless Indian Territory in the late 1800's seeking justice.
Pathetic does not even begin to describe how ironic this all is.

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