Thursday, October 1, 2015

Science and Climate Change Deniers: Guess Which Party It Applies

Most GOPers' View of Climate Change: "Routine forever..."

What Happens is in Our Hands

From this article - the following:
In American politics, Pope Francis’ encyclical has not made legislative action on climate change inevitable, but it has made the issue unavoidable. The politician’s shrug and quip: “I’m no scientist” — is no longer acceptable. If climate change is a global threat, then addressing it, as the Pope argued, is both a moral and public requirement.
But the dysfunctional American debate on climate change illustrates a broader challenge.
Ten or 15 years ago, this issue was less divisive. But it got pulled into the polarization vortex. Now the two sides do not merely hold different policy views; they have different versions of reality. The camps not only advocate different solutions; they also inhabit different factual universes.
Many conservative Republicans now deny the existence or danger of human-caused warming and routinely question the motives of scientists who speak up on the issue. For a conservative to stray from skepticism is regarded as ideological betrayal.
In a recent National Affairs essay, Jim Manzi and Peter Wehner provide an explanation: “The Republican position — either avowed ignorance or conspiracy theorizing — is ultimately unsustainable, but some still cling to it because they believe that accepting the premise that some climate change is occurring as a result of human action means accepting the conclusions of the most rabid left-wing climate activists. They fear, at least implicitly, that the politics of climate change is just a twisted road with a known destination: ceding yet another key economic sector to government control.”
Story continues at the link above – a very good and well-reasoned article – sadly most GOPers will pass on reading it, when in fact they might benefit from reading it and passing it on to others.
My view: Most GOPers who deny or don't have a concern about the dramatic change on Mother Earth do so for one reason, I believe: They figure it will not happen in their lifetime or maybe even their kids’ lifetimes, so why worry now. Just leave the problems or solutions for someone else.
Imagine that view over time. Where would we be? Probably in caves too afraid to come out and explore anything. Thanks for stopping by.

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