Saturday, September 26, 2015

Modern GOP Case Study: Science Deniers Who Pass Down Corrupt DNA

GOP Candidate's Conundrum 
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Oh, Hell, Just Stick With the Tried-and-True Platform

What truly amazes me and perhaps you, too about GOPers in office or those seeking office is how “patriotic and ‘real’ American” they try to come across yet all the while pandering to ugliest anger around. They peddle the worst unfounded fear possible.  They tell tons of blatant lies and crazy anti-this or anti-that government conspiracies. They thrive on an excellent PR machine that dispenses mass disinformation. They drive truckloads of utter hype about need for positive change and ways to “fix” our problems at home while waving a Bible and proposing changes to the Constitution, which they say they cherish, yet in the end they do a total 180° about face, and then have the gall to blame anyone in sight (except themselves) for nothing getting done in a positive manner. 

Folks: that takes real skill and talent and the GOP is full of that, too.

I assess that they all have the same crazy corrupt DNA passed down through the ages and yet they deny or simply do not profess to believe in the proven science of evolution, or most other science as far as that goes. Try and figure that one out and you'll end up in a padded cell with jacket that arms that fold in the back. Got that image? 

The worst part is that they have a big major controller who dispenses “News and Disinformation,” which is totally “Unfair and Unbalanced.” Yeah, that nit work – their benefactor: FAUX gnus.

All the while they say everyone around them infringes on their freedom of speech, religion, or their brand press. They should adopt this logo:

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