Sunday, August 23, 2015

Pied Piper with Trumpet: Fall in Line and Get With My 4-Point Program

Toot, Toot: I know how you all love a new toon, so this is mine.

My 4-point program, or plan, if you will ...

My plan: (1) Me, (2) Myself, (3) and I, and of course: (4) Moi. 

I am on top of the plan. I am the sole proprietary owner. The plan is all mine. It is clearly mapped out above as you can plainly see. 

My plan route is clear. The path is well-chartered. I have the money to go the whole distance. I am prepared to do, say, pay, try, lie, imply, or deny anything to that end. No matter how long it takes.

Notice how I easily and freely I use the pronoun “I” why is that do you think? 

Because this race is just about me – it always has been and it always will be. I am the only PR guru in this race. I am who I am; deal with it.  

BTW: My on-line campaign store is open for business – stop by and buy something. We will have contests later on for you to stay at a Trump Tower of your choice, and at my campaign’s expense, assuming that it legal (wink/wink). Check out the store and enjoy. My personal fav T(rump)-shirt:

Like I said, I am who I am.

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