Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Dopes Imitate the Ninny: Worth Watching - No Admission - Laughs Galore

Walker and Bush: Reflection of The Donald - What a Hoot...

The headlines from Salon.com here tell the story, here in part;

“Walker and Bush Try Trumpism: Unsurprisingly, They Just Look Like Dopes”

Maybe Bill Kristol was right: “This GOP field is just one dope after another, trying to out-dope each other, failing, and letting America’s ultimate dope comfortably expand his lead.” (sic)
Let’s just consider how well two of the alleged front runners, Scott “Koch Clone” Walker and JEB (John Ellis Bush) Bush, have been handling the Trump menace this week.
We have been mocking these two poor, hapless souls a lot recently. That’s because they keep doing highly mockable things. They kept it up recently with further comical assaults on their dignity that is anyone’s guess will not substantially cut into Trump’s lead.

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