Monday, August 10, 2015

GOP Problems: Many But First Look at Line-up, Debate, and Results

Cartoonists Are in Hog Heaven 
(the line-up)

Post-Debate Poll
(proof lies with the GOP voters)

Two links to emphasize underscore the subject of this post (one here) and (other here):

What everyone is talking about and exactly what Mr. D. Trump wants: He in the spotlight and the “talk of the town” as it were.

[T-rump that I call him] “... remains in poll position to take the Republican presidential nomination despite the Megyn Kelly so-called “bloodgate” scandal.” 

That is according to the latest NBC News Online Poll (posted above), in which the tycoon came out on top of Republican primary voters asked who won the debate and who they would cast their ballot for if the poll was held now.

All that despite his comments about FOX News anchor Megyn Kelly following her question to him re: his statements about women (which BTW I consider she asked a “fair and balanced” (pun intended) question. 

He slammed her for grilling him on his attitude to women during the debate, and a matter of fact, I insert here, he has not lightened up and in fact for a week now has poured more gas on that fire not putting it out, but keeping it and him in the center of attention, which I said, is Trump's style and technique: “Look at me, only me, me and no one else but me.” 

That's it for today.... the problems and ultimate solutions lie within the GOP as they sort through this mess – so, good luck with that (grin).  

Stay tuned. It ain't over yet.

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