Monday, June 15, 2015

Scott Walker's Benefactor: Fox News CEO Roger Ailes — Cheerleader-in-Charge

In Gov. Scott Walker's Corner with Tons of PR Weight 
(quite literally)

The headlines are eye-catching to say the least:

A report from New York magazine indicates that FOX News Chairman and CEO Roger Ailes is leaning towards Gov. Scott Walker (R-WI) while at the same time having been personally involved in the FOX News network attacks on Hillary Clinton. Sounds like an old Nixon-era “dirty tricks ploy.”  Wait, Ailes used to work on the Nixon campaign. Whoops…

Ailes is to have said he “likes Walker,” who is “a ready-made FOX hero” for his Midwestern roots and “Union-busting agenda.”

Those words are from the writer of the New York article, Gabriel Sherman, also noted that Ailes likes Walker's “hardline” immigration position [that is] in sync with FOX's” (i.e., FOX has been a reliable ally for Walker in his fights against public sector labor unions, and some on-air hosts have described Walker a “sexy guy” and even he is someone who makes my toes curl. In turn, Walker advised fellow Republicans to use FOX to get their “message out.”

Nothing like quid pro quo waiting in the wings as it were, right boys? Quid pro quo is hard to prove, but with all these warm and fuzzy statements this early on and money behind Walker (the power of FOX and the Koch’s) hell, the inference lines are easily drawn and seen, don't cha' think?

My hunch: FOX and the Koch's both want Walker in office why? Because he is a dumb ass lackey (easily handled) and tailor made to their liking. That is pretty obvious to anyone paying close attention - kind of like Cheney with his meat hooks and strings on George W. Bush. Hell, even Bloomberg thinks so.  

More later, I am sure. Thanks for stopping by.

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