Saturday, June 20, 2015

New York State and Guns: Be Proud Not Ashamed or Guilt-ridden

Washington, DC rated worst at #51 

 Wild, Wild West 

What the country wants (more or less)

Cartoon, but no laughing matter
(Mothers always know best)

The cartoon is right on target (no pun intended) - why? It seems that always after these horrible shootings the GOP-FOX-NRA team line up and theme song is the same: It's not the guns or the volumes of ammo or massive number of clips or over-sized magazines, etc., nay. It's the breakdown in our mental health screening and treatment of sick people who just happen to have a gun and go off the rails. This cartoon nails it perfectly.

Of course anyone who pulls the trigger and murders in cold blood nine innocent churchgoers (in Charleston, SC), or 20 innocent children in school (at Sandy Hook Elem in Newtown, CT), or 12 people watching a movie (in Aurora, CO), or 23 killed while eating a meal (in Killeen, TX), or 32 murdered in college (at VA TECH), or 13 soldiers killed at a clinic (in Fort Hood, TX) along with 42 wounded has a mental problem - but they have guns, too, don't they?

The trail of such shootings is long as noted from 1991 until now and each time afterwards, gun sales skyrocket. Why? Oh, yeah fear of losing "our guns, or they are coming to take your gun" and of course, fear of government and decent, logical, rational gun control - not taking them, but making sure maniacs don't get or have easy access to them - the question as always is how - cooperation for starters would help.

Every three seconds in the month of May alone, the FBI conducted a background check on someone buying a handgun, rifle, or other weapon. That's actually down a bit. During the recent peak, in December 2012 when the holiday shopping season overlapped with fears that new restrictions would be put in place after the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary, background checks were conducted nearly once a second.

What the hell is wrong, America? Really. Threat to American sanity - easy in this day and age: the NRA - I call them the National Rotten Ässhølës - 'cause they are. Reflect on this old NRA message – ironic isn’t it?

And how about this old NRA message, but since then: The gun lobby and gun industry have both run amok, as well as members of Congress quite literally, running scared.

I'm done now.

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