Friday, July 14, 2017

Trump DOD Pledge as Good as His Trump University Degree Pledge

Remember this Pledge - Seems It Was Eons Ago 

This is my plan — now let's talk to Erik Prince for the details

Trump loyalists' line of resistance is simple: Leave our president alone to do his job: and that job? 

Now “The Donald” will follow Bannon and Kushner down the proverbial rabbit hole and deconstruct the country.

Note this latest from Bannon, Kushner, and old Erik “Blackwater-fame” Prince (Betsy DeVos brother BTW) is this: Privatize the war in Afghanistan. So, pledge be damned. Now he will rebuild our military to be #2 in the world right behind contractors...!!!  That story headlines:

Highlights from the link. And, pretty disgusting to say the least:
Recently Trump adviser Stephen Bannon, with Jared Kushner’s backing went to the Pentagon to arrange a discussion between Defense Secretary Jim Mattis and “two businessmen who profited from military contracting,” the New York Times reported.
These weren’t ordinary contractors: They were Erik Prince, the notorious founder of Blackwater, the all-purpose mercenary army, and Stephen Feinberg, a New York financier who owns and controls DynCorp International, the largest US contractor in Afghanistan.
At the meeting (which neither Prince and Feinberg would confirm), they urged the Pentagon to turn the war over to what they call “private military units” who would fight for profit as an alternative to the Pentagon’s recent proposal to send thousands more US military troops to Afghanistan to fight the Taliban.
To their apparent disappointment, Mattis, the Times reported, “listened politely” to their audacious proposal, but “declined to include the outside strategies” in a review of Afghanistan policy that is being led in the White House by Trump’s NSC Adviser, Lt. Gen. H. R. McMaster. The Times story screamed conflict of interest.
Prince, as most Americans know, cut his mercenary teeth sending his private army into Afghanistan with the CIA shortly after 9/11. He then became persona non-grata in the US government after contractors under his command killed dozens of civilians in Iraq.
But after selling his company and moving on to organize a private army for the United Arab Emirates, he became a key adviser to Trump on military issues. In an interview with Bannon’s Brietbart News a day after his Pentagon meeting, he spelled out his proposals.
Talk about a shitty job … this ranks as #1 for the Trump bunch.
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