Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Trump Approval Numbers Underwater in 11 States He Won — Simple Oops Won't Suffice

Very Revealing and Highly Factual

Pretty sure Trump is apologetic about these numbers in this report from CNN. Sure seems that his bragging rights are kind of down the proverbial drain, um since he hates anything anti-Trump… no matter how factual things are otherwise.
Pretty sure also that he will call this “Fake news – a hoax – more DEM loser anger, and a lie.”

A few highlights:

More Americans disapprove of Trump's job performance than approve of it across 31 states nationwide – including 11 states that voted for him last November.

The list of states that went for Trump way but where his approval is now underwater includes some battleground states that he barely won like PA, WI, MI, and FL, or swing states like OH, IA, and NC (which is #1 for his disapproval gap).

The CNN list also includes “light-red states of GA and AZ” where Democrats were optimistic in 2016.

The two surprises on the list are IN (Pence’s home state) and TX.

My Input: Read how the rest of the states break down in the article – very enlightening to say the least.

As I said, I’m pretty sure Trump is livid – he usually is these kinds of things (like crowd sizes and such). Facts and truth be damned – all that matters is his view and his numbers.

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