Saturday, July 22, 2017

Anthony Scaramucci: Another Trump Hire Who Fits Wall Street Profile Like a Glove

Earn Wall Street Mega Bucks Then Move into the White House
(Hell Why Not)

Anthony “The Mooch” Scaramucci is a Wall Street slickster as sharp as a tack and capable and able to swipe his Granny's false teeth and then sell her peanut brittle. He fits nicely the profile of Trump hires from Wall Street – where in there are plenty of charlatans and people of questionable repute.
No wonder he made so much as a hedge-fund manager… read this account of how his type makes billions and from here, too.

Last year, the 25 highest-earning hedge fund managers collectively earned $24.3 billion. 

Most that was taxed as carried interest rather than as income, that means that this tiny group of people by themselves cost the government billions of dollars in tax revenue that would have been paid under a fairer system of taxation.

When asked how hedge funds manage to bestow such great riches on their managers despite the fact that, in many cases, their performance seems pretty ordinary.
The responses ranged from claims that “hedgies” are remunerated perfectly appropriately to charges that they are outright crooks who prey on gullible and greedy investors. 
Because the industry has grown enormously in recent years — according to one industry source hedge funds now manage about $2.1 trillion of capital, a good deal of which comes from pension funds and charitable endowments — it’s not a trivial matter which of these explanations is the most accurate.

Trump continues to draw on like-minded people whom many of them are turning out to be very reputable or for that matter not highly-qualified or capable to serve the public in any official capacity.


To date, a dozen or so have resigned, been fired, or turned down offers for appointments. The list to date: Corey Lewandowski, Paul Manafort, Michael Flynn, James Comey, Sally Yates, Preet Bharara, Sean Spicer, Craig Deare, Angella Reid, Michael Dubke, Patrick Kennedy, and Katie Walsh.


Plus several others on very thin ice: Conway, Sessions, and Mueller. Some of those actually fired are seen here.

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