Monday, June 19, 2017

S/C Mueller Brings in More Big Guns: Time to Strike Up the Band and Sing Along

Canary - Sing – Does that Ring Any Bells

S/C Mueller's targets and their reaction — more or less
(Probably more)

Great story here and super move by S/C Mueller — smart tactic, smart move, and very good choice for help:

This sounds like a good old-fashioned interrogator trick to me... e.g., “We got the goods on you and you're going down for hard time, but we want those above you. So, let's make deal – maybe reduce your sentence to a fine, or probation, or maybe
you get off scot free. So, what cha’ you say – we have a deal or not?”

So, time to strike up the band...

We may be in the home stretch. Thanks for stopping by. Stay tuned, the big guns are locked and loaded (old Marine saying).

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