Thursday, June 15, 2017

Donald J.Trump: Review of the Turmoil Around Him Since He Took Office (January 20, 2017)

Will History Repeat Itself 

Speaker Paul Ryan (et al) Say President is a Novice as President

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Based on this update from Reuters (and most other major outlets), is there any real there, there? 

Or is Donald J. Trump the greatest con-artist ever by keeping so much of “poor whittle him” in the constant headlines and on the news (which he loves BTW); while keeping his loyal supporters in tow all giddy and fired up; while most of the country is on edge and in doubt; and Congress remains in constant deadlock, all the while smiling at trump, and all for one single Trump, Inc. goal – one single purpose (assumes there is no there there) and that is this: Would allow Trump win a huge second (term his desire) and thus remain on top (where he always has to be) hogging all the limelight and headlines worldwide? 

That is one side which assumes that Mueller has no strong case, but if he does have a strong case, would this all GOP Congress even consider, let alone impeach him, and the Senate vote to remove him from office, thereby tainting the GOP in the public domain? That scenario seems highly doubtful. So, is there any there there? My original question remains key I believe. 

So, how’s that for an Alex Jones or Roger Stone BS conspiracy story line? Wow.

Now recall this stark reminder from NBC News (the Lester Holt one-on-one interview) then measure that against all the hearings and testimony we have seen and heard, and that now pending with the Mueller investigation. Compare all that with Trump now again hitting back harder than ever and as usual via a shit storm of tweets in his counter attack on everyone he believes is “out to get him” and see what your personal assessment and view are. Watch and listen carefully (about 13 minutes) and in Mr. Trump's own words:

Published May 11, 2017

My assessment: With all this in mind, ask yourself: Is this image of America today that reflects our democracy looking in the mirror at ourselves whether he remains in office or not?

All sides in Washington politics have brought on this shame

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