Sunday, May 28, 2017

Trump's “War Room” Kushner and Bannon in Charge Many Others Lined Up

Kushner and Bannon Were Busy: Appeared on CCTV Instead

A little humor never hurts, right? This is not the Onion (which I love) but what the heck - here goes:

One thing about this Trump team we must keep in mind — they will do, say, try, imply, lie, and deny anything about anyone or everything, which is the exact opposite of what they profess to be achieving... call it smoke and mirrors, for example: “Make America Great Again.” I ask: When did we stop being great in the first place?

Or when they say: “We will have total transparency as our rule” then they do a 180 degree turn in almost all cases.

The record is clear about this administration and most of those in it – in a word: they are an utter and complete disaster.

Will they change? Not likely, and to emphasize this point, note that they are setting up a “war room” (which BTW is not unusual for any political team but usually during a campaign not like this case). It is therefore important to ask what the purpose of this one is. 

Apparently they intend to work hard to head off and the totally shut down or stop any more on the “Russian thing or “fake news” or “hoax” (as Trump has calls it) and at all costs. Along the way however we hear words like “obstruction of justice” or “abuse of power.” They also profess a strong belief in the rule of law – justice for all – yeah, but not from this set of Trumps. Maybe line of BS and corruption perhaps, but not much else.

Case in point — this recent headline from TPM. So, isn’t this like putting the fox in charge of the hen house, or a wolf overseeing the lambs?
Report: Kushner to be part of “War Room” Pushing Back on Russia Scandal
I call this a WTF moment. Let me be clear on a few points about the original pretty astonishing story:
First of all, it is NOT unusual for any new incoming administrations to try and establish any “back-channel” communications link with any foreign government or and key officials as they prepare to take office (kind of reaching out a hand of friendship, or partnership reinforcement, or just good diplomacy)...
But, in the Kushner case, is it not protocol or good common sense the way he handled the Russian discussions that has been reported. In fact, I’d have to say it’s is downright disgusting and nefarious. Kushner’s attempt to set up a link with Moscow, in secret, and apparently designed to avoid any official channels such as NSA or FBI monitoring, and using their comm gear, too.  — wow. That raises a ton of issues and questions.
That kind of “back-channel network” and over Russian networks is not authorized and especially with an adversarial government like Putin’s in Russia, so why even attempt it? Basically, Kushner was flat out wrong to even propose such a “secret” network. The key question of course is why? What was his purpose? And, especially with a Russian-run bank on the sanctions list, too...!!!

I believe Kushner’s purpose was not a good one – not for our country but probably he thought good for his and Trump’s own personal financial names and gain. This attempt as such is nefarious and naïve, and by any definition borders on treason.

Related from FOX News in part on this subject:
The website Axios quoted one Trump ally as saying: “The White House is embracing the fight, which is going to last as long as Donald Trump is president. We're getting street fighters ready to go.” 
The president has already selected Mark Kasowitz, a tough New York lawyer, to lead his outside legal team to focus on the investigations. One adviser to the President noted Kasowitz is “ready to rumble” with the President's critics from outside the White House, so now the focus is who will be added to the West Wing to help Trump.
Update from the Hill – Jared Kushner and Stephen Bannon are to be named to head up that “team.” Amazing, isn’t it?
Stay tuned – it’s gonna be one heluva ride … hang on tight …!!!

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