Thursday, March 23, 2017

Another Putin Critic Apparently Assassinated (Gunned Down) in Public in Ukraine

Denis Voronenkov and Wife Maria Maksakova

Denis Voronenkov
(Today: Gunned Down in Kiev, Ukraine)

The good news (if anything is good in this tragedy) is that the suspect assassin was wounded and is in custody in a hospital in Kiev under heavy guard (see below).

The whole story is from here (the Daily Beast).

In the past three years of Ukraine’s conflict with Russia, news about assassinations in Ukraine has not been rare. Among the mysterious murders were the assassination of noted journalist Pavel Sheremet — blown up in his car near Kiev’s opera house — and the murder of a well-respected attorney, Yury Grabovsky. But this time Ukrainian investigators may have a much better idea who the murderer was: at 3 p.m. local time, the wounded assassin of Voronenkov was at Kiev’s hospital #17.

Officially, Moscow immediately insisted that it had nothing to do with the murder. President Vladimir Putin’s ruling party United Russia declared that Voronenkov’s assassination was an internal issue for Ukraine.

The Putin two-step in high gear, just ask Gomer Pyle:

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