Tuesday, February 28, 2017

“Velkom to Trump’s Amerika” – Show Me Your Papers – WTF Moment When Reality Hits

Fair is Fair, Right Mrs. and Mrs. G. O. Peeps
(Go ahead admit it and in public, too — dare you...)

Introduction and highlights here in an excellent article from The Atlantic:

This article was written by Garrett Epps, a contributing editor for The Atlantic. He also teaches constitutional law and creative writing for law students at the University of Baltimore.

American citizens had their introduction to the Trump-era immigration machine last Wednesday (February 24th) when Customs and Border Protection agents met an airliner (original Washington Post account) that had just landed at New York’s JFK airport after a domestic flight from San Francisco.

According to passenger accounts, a flight attendant announced that all passengers would have to show their “documents” as they deplaned, and they did.

The reason for the search, Homeland Security officials said, “Was to assist ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) in a search for a specific immigrant who had received a deportation order after multiple criminal convictions.”

Note: The target person was not on the flight.

(I note: Boy, did that raise a ton of questions and issues for me).

This story continues at the link, but I wanted to end with this, which is Professor Epp’s conclusion, which I find appropriate. 

I also note: Now watch the GOP righties call him a “bleeding heart university liberal peddling nonsense” I’m sure it will be forthcoming if not already in other forum comments. 

He concludes with this:

“I have researched the matter, and feel reasonably confident that an agent would have to let me pass if I refused the demand for my papers. If not, I can afford counsel and my family knows excellent lawyers to call. I am vowing here and now not to show papers in this situation. I know that it will take gumption to follow through if the situation arises. What will be the reaction of ordinary travelers, some with outstanding warrants or other legal worries? Should we expect heroism of people who just want to get off an airplane?
Justice William O. Douglas once wrote that a regime of liberty includes: “the freedom from bodily restraint or compulsion, freedom to walk, stroll, or loaf.” A shadow is falling over that freedom, both for aliens and for citizens. Its loss will be devastating.”
So, has Mr. Trump overstepped the bounds of common sense and decency with this new and harsh policy? More importantly, I ask: Is he abusing the power of his office. I strongly believe the answer to that question and based on his short time in office that answer is a resounding “Yes he is.”
But, time will tell, won’t it? Thanks for stopping by.

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