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Trust Our Leadership: Not Donald J. Trump – He Can't Spell Leadership or Be Trusted

How Millions See America Today
(The Lost Art)

Deputy NSC Director and Former FOX Analyst
(Good Edu Background, Dumber than a Doorknob)
First this background note on McFarland (pictured above):

Her past prior to this Trump NSC Deputy appointment has been plagued by media and other allegations that she overstated her credentials. For example, The New York Times reported that McFarland's claim that she had written part of Ronald Reagan's “Star Wars” speech was false, since it had actually been written by Reagan's “top national security advisers,” which did not include McFarland.
She also had stated that she was the highest ranking woman of her time at the Reagan Pentagon – ding, again false. The TIMES also reported that was false since two other women at the Pentagon at the same time held higher ranks than she did. Interviews with former Reagan administration officials and a review of documents at the time show her claims were not entirely accurate.
So, why this turmoil at the NSC ever since Flynn resigned and Trump has been searching for a new director. The latest Trump pick was retired Navy Vice Admiral Robert Harward. He turned down the offer reportedly because of “a dispute over staffing the Security Council and McFarland staying on.”
Background on that according to CBS News by reporter, Major Garrett (here via Media Matters). In essence, Harward declined the Trump offer after Mr. Trump insisted that the current deputy, KT McFarland described above be retained.
Compare McFarland and Harward to see context:
Harward is a 38-year member of the Navy. He formerly served as the deputy commander of the U.S. Central Command. He commanded a SEAL team. He led troops in Afghanistan and Iraq. He worked on President George W. Bush’s NSC.
McFarland most recently worked as a national security analyst at FOX News. Noteworthy while in that slot, she repeatedly praised Vladimir Putin. She advocated for war with Iran. She misled about the Iranian nuclear program. She also expressed support for torture. She has made bizarre and incendiary statements about international terrorism, including blaming “political correctness” for the 2015 attack on France’s Charlie Hebdo.
According to CBS reports Harward “demanded his own team” to staff the NSC, but became a point of contention since Mr. Trump had already told McFarland that she could retain her Deputy Director post. Harward reportedly refused to keep McFarland as his deputy, and after a day of negotiations over this and other staffing matters, he declined the job.
Finally, if you have ever seen or heard McFarland, then you know precisely what I and others mean about her, and why Adm. Harward turned down the job.
Just in this update: Ret. Gen. David Petraeus today also has taken himself out of the running for the job and for same reason: Trump wants to keep McFarland not let the new director pick his own staff. Hey, maybe old Trump pals, Shameless Hannity or Rash Limbaugh are next in line, that is since this circus is still in town?
I say, good for him.

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