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Trump Ready to Close on His Biggest Business Transaction: Acquiring America

Trump-Pence First Few Days in Office Main Goal is:

Set the Scene: Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) laid the foundation for “erasing Obama” stating the GOP #1 priority and goal was “To make Barack Obama a one-term president.” Everything since has been centered about that pledge … so, Mitch old dumb ass, how’d that work out?
But, as a seen here, old Mitch with The Donald about to take over his pledge, well old Mitch is stunned as he announces: It’s alive… it’s alive…!!!”

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More to the point of this post is this absolutely great article and assessment of President Obama vis-à-vis the incoming Donald J. Trump from the NY Times here with that same headline:
Note: I have highlighted the parts of the entire article and not change a word or added anything except to emphasize (in RED) the things from the article that I believe most, if not all, if the Trump voters either knew and didn’t give a damn about, or more apt simply did not know, and certainly did not bother to check facts when Trump twisted them to fit his ranting… in short: They seem to have bought into the rant and not hard factual evidence about Mr. Obama and his 8 years in office. This a great review article – enjoy it.
For a soon-to-be nowhere man, he’s everywhere. Sensing “time’s winged chariot hurrying near,” as the poet had it, President Obama is using every hour left in his presidency to ensure that Donald Trump will not erase it all.
It’s one part vanity project. What president doesn’t want to put a dent in history? One man freed four million slaves. Another created national parks and forests that left every American a rich inheritance of public land. A third crushed the Nazis — from a wheelchair, while dying.
And Obama? He bequeaths the incoming president “the longest economic expansion and monthly job creation in history,” as my colleague Andrew Ross Sorkin noted. Trump, the pumpkin-haired rooster taking credit for the dawn, has already tried to seize a bit of that achievement as his own. Thanks, Obama. But he’s also likely to screw it up, perhaps by a trade war, or a budget-busting tax cut.
Already, Trump has flirted with treason, flouted conflict-of-interest rules, bullied dissidents and blown off the advice of seasoned public servants. He has yet to hold a news conference since winning the election. And did another day just pass without a word of the promise to “reveal things that other people don’t know” about Russian interference with our election? Maybe he’s waiting for more whispers in his ear from the Kremlin.
In advance of his farewell address next week, the president has tried to Trump-proof a climate pact that commits the world’s second leading producer of earth-warming pollutants — the United States — to making this little orb of ours a less perilous place for Sasha’s and Malia’s and Ivanka’s kids. Trump has promised to go rogue on the planet, as quickly as he can.
Until Day 1, Trump is just a 70-year-old man with a twitchy Twitter account. But on Jan. 20, he becomes what Grover Norquist wished for in a pliantly conservative president: “A Republican with enough working digits to handle a pen.”
With that pen, the new president can take health care from 20 million Americans, free Wall Street to once again wildly speculate and smash things up for the rest of us, and require schools to let people carry guns into classrooms — all campaign promises.
Make America Sick Again is the slogan floated by Senator Chuck Schumer, who is much better at messaging a negative than Obama ever was at messaging a positive. The people who stand to lose most are Trump supporters. The Affordable Care Act has saved countless lives in red states, and slowed medical costs. So why toss it, without a plan to replace it? To spite the guy on the way out.
The intent of Republicans, poised to push through the most far-reaching conservative agenda in nearly a hundred years, is to act as if Obama never existed — the George Bailey of presidents. It won’t take long for Bedford Falls to become Pottersville.
Trump will cut taxes on the rich, and for those born on third base, eliminate an estate tax that was one of Teddy Roosevelt’s solutions to inequality. He may try to defund Planned Parenthood — for many poor women, the only chance to catch cancer early. He may deport Dreamers, more than 740,000 young people who have been allowed to obtain temporary work permits and avoid being thrown out of the country under Obama.
On his first day in office, Trump will “repeal every single Obama executive order.” That’s the promise of Vice President-elect Mike Pence. Obama issued just under 270 executive orders, well below the number proclaimed by Ronald Reagan, Dwight Eisenhower, Harry Truman, Franklin Roosevelt and even that conservative paragon, Silent Cal Coolidge.
A significant Obama order protected gays in the government contracting system from discrimination. Another prohibited federal employees from texting while driving. There were sanctions against criminals, mobsters and other international monsters, and upgrades in pay for federal employees who earned less than their private sector counterparts.
And get this: repealing “every single Obama executive order” would require Trump to dump four edicts that allowed federal workers to leave early on Christmas Eve.
The War on Christmas heavy breathers at Fox News, who recently declared said conflict dead and won for St. Nick’s side, will surely be outraged. Not.
Obama leaves office with his highest job approval ratings in four years. Most Americans like him and his policies. Trump will enter office with the lowest transition approval ratings of any president-elect in nearly a quarter-century. About half of all American don’t like him, and of course, he got nearly three million fewer votes than Hillary Clinton.
Most of the Trump agenda — building a wall, cutting taxes on the rich, ramping up oil and gas drilling at the expense of alternative fuels, taking away people’s health care — is opposed by clear majorities. Trump will erase Obama’s policy legacy at his peril.
What he cannot do is erase the mark of the man — a measured and rational president, a committed father and husband, who is leaving his country much better off, and the office without a trace of personal scandal.
As I said, an absolutely excellent article and a must read and keeper.
Just think only two more Fridays and it all starts, either as predicted or not, here he comes at high Noon, January 20, 2017. 
All the things Mr. Trumps wants won’t happen, but it sure makes one imagine that say if everyone he would or could harm (e.g., the 700,000 “Dreamers” facing deportation) were in fact to take up arms and defend themselves here?
Wow – oh, come on, that is incomprehensible you say. Okay, just imagine it were you and your family, or your life here say for the past 20 years or so, and then you saw it all about to crumble all around you based on a Trump executive deportation order.
As for me, I would rather choose prison or a Trump concentration camp first, then maybe armed revolt rather than face deportation based on his dislike of immigrants at a young age brought here to live a better life and now he wants to shit them. Why? I also wonder, maybe Vlad Putin has room in an old Stalin-style Gulag in Siberia, you think? Tweet him and ask, Donald.
Thanks for taking the time to read it and my highlight therein … The article stands as exactly published (except my red emphasis) (smile). All I can say is hang on tight.

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