Thursday, January 12, 2017

Daughter as "Acting" or De Facto First Lady of the United States

POTUS and FLOTUS: Real, In Fact, or Otherwise — New Trump Policy Afoot

Rumors continue to fly around DC and the White House and now this slant on the same story ever since Melania Trump said she would be in the White House later in the year and also actually spend more time in NYC (in Trump Tower) than in DC.

Now we have this story from UK the Daily Mail addressing the subject which is that Ivanka Trump, by most accounts will be the “First Lady” even though she has not officially revealed what her plans would be after her father, Donald Trump is sworn into office (January 20, 2017 at high noon).

A couple of key points from this story:

1.  She is already busy behind the scenes by phoning members of Congress in an attempt to rally support tax-free childcare accounts and childcare deductions for families making under $500,000 a year

(I Note: Is it that likely or just weird-ass Trump thinking that a family making $499,000.00 a year needs a tax break to help pay for their childcare, which in essence is a taxpayer’s subsidy).

2.  She also confirmed that she had stepped down from her senior position at the Trump Organization and put her “Eponymous fashion brand” in the hands of the chief brand officer for the company, Abigail Klem. 

(I Note: Eponymous means something or someone that gives its name to something else. For example, Elizabeth I of England is the “Eponym” of the Elizabethan era. Many generalized trademarks such as aspirin are based on their original brand eponyms as are Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Christian Dior, el al).

3.  A decision of sorts, seems to confirm the long-held belief that she will be performing some of the duties which are normally assigned to the first lady while her father is in office.

4.  She will certainly be the most visible first daughter that has ever been in the White House.

Question and Summary: We now have seen already a special favor (going around the nepotism law as it were) to get Jared Kushner, Ivanka’s husband and Mr. Trump’s son-in-law, appointed as White House Special Adviser to the President.

Now, daughter, Ivanka, will be more or less, or so it seems at this point, the de facto First Lady of the United States.

Why these two very special and most-unusual favors for these two close relatives? What’s up, doc, as they say?

Ivanka and Kushner are both very successful in their own ways and business endeavors, so why these unpaid moves? Simply for more fame and fortune and highest level contact connections? Surely can’t be that simple, um?

If not that, what? What is the driving factor – the real reason for these two moves? All we can do is wonder for surely the answers probably are not forthcoming to settle the many unanswered questions as simple as “What authority and duties will they have over or in conjunction with duly-appointed and salaried officials?  

Time will tell as we are in untested waters from the very start of this Trump administration

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