Sunday, December 4, 2016

Jan. 20, 2017: Season 16 “The Apprentice” From White House With Host Donald Trump

His Electoral College Views in 2012 When He Thought Mitt Romney Had Won
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NSA (and other views) on Hacking
(Prime Suspect: Russia Which Trump Doesn't Believe)

Some reports [here], [here], and [here] indicate that Mr. Trump is not attending regular intelligence briefings... 

One could conclude that he doesn't trust those briefings unless they are cleared by Fox, or Bannon, or Breitbart, or even Alex Jones. Then and only then will they be included in future “President’s Daily Brief (PDB),” sometimes referred to as the President's Daily Bulletin, which is a Top Secret document produced and given each morning at 07:45 to the President of the United States to highlight key domestic and world events.

The Apprentice” – TV reality show that premiered in 2004 and hosted by Donald J. Trump will now take center stage at Noon on Friday, January 20, 2017, on a platform in front of Capital Dome to deliver, I am sure, an historical inauguration speech as he prepares to enter his new office inside the White House.

Sponsors for that event have yet to be identified yet as it seems Wall Street backers are still in closed door negotiations on that “art of the deal.”

So, don’t miss that premiere show, or as they used to say: “Be there or be square...!”

BTW: This is not my feeble attempt to copy “The Onion” or their format (which I love to read) – mine is not even close (smile).

As the nation gets ready to travel this uncertain and uncharted road, let’s hope we all don’t hear those two fearful words: “You’re fired…!” 

All I can say is hold on tight and find a seat where it is safe and stay tuned.

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