Sunday, December 25, 2016

Donald J. Trump: Empty Suit Who Thrives on Constant Stardom and TV Show Format

Will Fit Nicely after January 20, 2017

For those who think Trump will lead - ha... prepare to be disappointed.

His department heads will lead and that lead will be down the proverbial drain.

Take a walk down this memory lane to see my point about that strategy of selecting appointees who have a fundamental hostility to the mission of the agencies they will head. That approach is not new. 

Consider this string of such actions in part from here by Mr. Conservative

Yep, back to the days of Ronald Wilson Reagan, who famously declared in his 1981 inaugural address: “Government is not the solution to our problem, government is the problem.” Then all the while he campaigned, he promised to eliminate the Departments of Education and Energy as two big and easy targets.

Once in office, he settled for appointments that would undermine these offices from within, a tactic he used for all his selections to other department seats. 

For example these and key actions they took:

1.  Justice Clarence Thomas, at that time was at the EEOC. He stalled on resolving class-action lawsuits charging racial discrimination in hiring.

2.  AG Edwin Meese dropped the pursuit of voting rights violations and instead sought to undo what conservatives saw as the “reverse discrimination” of affirmative action laws.

3.  Reagan also named committed de-regulators to head the FCC, FTC, and OSHA. 

4.  As the assistant secretary of HUD, he got Emanuel Savas, who wrote a book called: “Privatizing the Public Sector: How to Shrink Government.”

5.  William Bennett, as Education Secretary, pushed for a diminished federal role in education.

6.  James Edwards, at Energy, and who was the former governor of SC and before that a dentist, promised to “Work myself out of a job.”

7.  Then the dynamic duo James Watt at Interior and Anne Gorsuch at EPA. She for example was famous for wearing fur coats and smoking two packs of cigarettes while driving a gas-guzzler, while promising to slash EPA regulations. She made clear what rules her staff should not enforce.

So, I kind of expect this kind of future and “leadership” from Mr. Trump. 

Why? Because he will be so busy setting simple 140-word policy via Twitter, or constant attendance at rallies all year round. Or out making deals and promises with world leaders that he won't have time to focus on domestic problems or in most cases, foreign crises, either. 

He will leave the details and responsibility to others to make it happen and to keep all his twitter promises. I like to call that style “The Art of the Con.”  It will fit in that suit nicely kind of like a “Trump T” as it were.

So, stay tuned and see if I am right or wrong. Thanks for stopping by.

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