Saturday, November 12, 2016

Abolish, Ban, Cut, Deep Six, Dismantle, Reduce, Shït Can, Toss Public Programs to Save GOP Money

GOP is Apt to Start With These 15 Department and Relentless

Settle Down: “I'm in complete control here.”

I have set our path, so set your GPS

Wait, watch, and wonder at the number of Federal departments, Agencies, and Employees that will be eliminated, dismantled, downsized, not fully funded, or otherwise reduced beyond effectiveness or just plain shit-canned. Top of the GOP list:

1.  EPA
2.  IRS
3.  Education
4.  Energy
5.  HUD
6.  Commerce
7.  Interior
8.  VA

Hint: Appease GOP pals and their most financial interests (e.g., gas, oil, energy, voucher crowd, charter school advocates, tax auditors – note: Trump will love this one), close the public “free stuff” teat system, get the bums off the streets and demand they work or starve or stay sick, put more armed police on the streets to enforce everything forthcoming, put land back in the hands of private entities who want to drill, baby drill, exploit to the fullest, and privatize everything insight anyway they choose and can get away with.

Then just sit back and watch the PAC checks roll in and just in time for the next mid-term election cycle to help push for a larger GOP majority. And, then repeat those steps.

So, that leaves the other 7 departments for the Trump family to run for their personal pleasure and enrichment.

I have to ask: Why do so many want to get into government on their various pledges to help and serve and then do precisely the opposite, i.e., inflict pain and agony and harm with very little if any good.

Think I'm kidding? I am not want to kid about these matters. As I said, wait and watch.

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