Monday, September 5, 2016

Trump-Putin Maybe in Cahoots to Try and Hack and Rig the Election Outcome Then Avoid Blame

 Partnership – Yes, No, Maybe

Thanks Vlad — Ditto, Donald

Trump Wants this Outcome
(So, where does the GOP stand???)

Topic: Voter ID anti-fraud laws (mostly in RED states) which are a weak cover for voter suppression.

Trump and his mob (all sorts of shady characters from the new campaign CEO to the new campaign Manager to the newest Press Spokesperson, et al) are all busily setting up the country for his expected loss by preparing to blame it on “voting or voter system rigging.”

That even applies after he asked Putin to “hack" Hillary’s mails.” So, based on this assessment, apparently old Vlad is Trump orders, on much larger scale.
As reported on here from the Washington Post (damn fine piece):

U.S. investigating potential covert Russian plan to disrupt November elections

This article sets the scene for any counter-disinformation which may be needed since the Russians are expect at that, and which BTW: Trump is also an expert at spreading. Thus, it seems that Trump in turn has learned that aspect from old Vlad – call it tit for tat as it were
Also, these two new and updated links on this whole saga:

1.  From here (also Washington Post): 

2.  And, from here (

So, are Trump and Vladimir Putin partners in crime of some sort – this from Newsweek presents one view of that possibility. Hell, why not. My sources are as good as any, right?

Stay tuned.

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