Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Trump Prepping Strategy for Debate #2 and Possibly Debate #3: Go for the Jugular and Pray for Votes

Standing Firm and Resolute Pretty Much Like a Chameleon

Trump's next big move is to go for the kill to keep his misguided base in tow as well as happy as it were. That story introduction and highlights are from here (NY TIMES).

Trump lashed out today in the aftermath of his disappointing first debate with Hillary Clinton: (1) scolding the moderator, Lester Holt; (2) criticizing a beauty pageant winner for her physique, (3) and raising the prospect of an all-out attack on Bill Clinton’s marital infidelities in the final stretch of the campaign.

Having worked assiduously in recent weeks to cultivate a more disciplined demeanor on the campaign trail, he apparently is willing to cast that aside and go for Hillary's jugular as he told a NC crowd venting his grievances in full public view.

Trump criticized Lester Holt, the NBC News anchor, for asking “unfair questions” during the debate, and then he speculated that someone might have tampered with his microphone. Trump then repeated his charge that Clinton lacked the “stamina” to be president, a claim critics have described as sexist, and he suggested that in the future he might raise former President Bill Clinton’s past indiscretions.

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