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New Symbiotic Relationship: Trump Likes Alex Jones Model and Jones Likes Donald Trump's Style

Trump's Hero on the Airwaves
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Introduction to Trump’s campaign strategy: “If it hurts your opponent, spin it, run with it, reinforce it, and deal with the consequences later.”

Who does Trump listen to, other than himself? A snapshot of his “kitchen cabinet” outlined here.

Overall Assessment (from “Trump has a tendency to solicit, repeat, and retweet self-serving falsehoods served up by sycophants and hangers-on that should be taken seriously and challenged. Among the most important tasks the president has is knowing what to believe, whom to listen to, which facts to trust, and which theories to explore. Trump's terrible judgment in this regard is one of the many reasons he's not qualified for the office.”

Now the rest of the story as the late Paul Harvey used to say:

Re: Vince Foster’s death in Fort Marcy Park in VA on July 20, 1993, was examined and investigated and conducted by dozens of professional investigators, several key agencies, groups of psychologists, several doctors, and two independent prosecutors.

His death was concluded to have been a suicide by the U. S. Park Police; the DOJ; the FBI; and two Independent Counsels (DEM) Robert B. Fiske and (Republican) Kenneth Starr.

The FBI participated in the investigation conducted by Mr. Fiske. His attorneys questioned 188 persons and reviewed and analyzed thousands of documents. He concluded Vince Foster killed himself.

Mr. Starr conducted his independent investigation several years after Mr. Fiske. He relied on experienced investigators with extensive service in the FBI. His investigation took three years. He also concluded that Vince Foster’s death was suicide. 

Even today from many extreme right-wing political groups on the behalf of the GOP, FOX, and ultra-rightwing conspiracy shows like Alex Jones types, and now including Donald Trump still continue to allege that there was more to the Foster death and that Bill and Hillary Clinton are somehow involved and still covering it up as well as more recent deaths of DNC staff members.

All of that hype has been patently proven false for years, but the rightwing just will not let it go for obvious reasons: Admitting it was suicide would spoil their political plan to gain the White House with Trump and keep control of Congress in this the ugliest presidential campaign in modern times.

Sustained and baseless insinuations about Hillary Clinton’s health are par for the course for Donald Trump, who has made a habit of making up rumors about his political opponents.

  1. He at one time insinuated that Ted Cruz’s father was involved in JFK’s assassination.
  2. Then after the shooting in Orlando, he implied that Obama had deeper ties to terrorists than the American public is aware of.
  3. Then he reignited conspiracies that there was something fishy  about the suicide of Bill Clinton’s close friend and former White House counsel Vince Foster (see above).
  4. Recently, he spread a fake controversy that Clinton’s emails had something to do with the Iranian government’s execution of a nuclear scientist.
  5. More and more unfounded remarks about Hillary Clinton’s health following the Alex Jones conspiracy model.

The man is not worthy to sit in the Oval Office… Thanks for stopping by.

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