Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Disraeli: "There Are Three Kinds Of Lies: Lies, Damned lies, and Statistics" Facts Must Prevail

Jobs Created from 1937-2013: FDR to Barack Obama
(DOL Numbers)

Jobs, the Economy, Foreign Policy, or Election Outcome
(New GOP Reality Show: The Blame Game)

Private-sector job creation since the JFK administration from various sources: DOL, Bloomberg, the Daily Beast  (Note: the numbers are from 2012 - see my note below):  

  • Democrats have held the White House for 23 of those years.
  • Republicans have held it for 28 years.
Ergo: The U.S. economy has created over 50 million private-sector jobs in the Democratic 23 years, and just short of 30 million in the Republican 28 years.

(Note: The original data was from 2012 numbers, so I adjusted them to fill the 4-year gap until now – which is much more accurate. It still shows the DEMS way out in front over the GOP). Check out charts from DOL numbers here.

  • The champion of all that job creation is Bill Clinton, with nearly 21 million (20.8 million to be precise).
  • Then under Ronald Reagan were nearly 15 million (14.7 exactly).
  • Then LBJ and Jimmy Carter.
  • Then Richard Nixon. And so on.
  • George W. Bush: Under his 8 years the private sector lost 600,000 jobs. In eight years, he did not create a single job.
  • Barack Obama took over and moved us into positive territory through very rough years even though he was handed the biggest economic catastrophe in nearly 80 years. He has now created about 15 million jobs.
What about public-sector jobs. Over those same respective 23 DEM and 28 GOP years, the results are: For all federal, state, and local government payrolls, they grew by 7.1 million under Republicans, and 6.3 million under Democrats. 

Private-sector job growth is massively greater under Democrats and the public trough favors Republicans. Who would have guessed it right … jobs for votes, campaign slogans and such – novel idea isn’t it?

More interesting data from that same DOL site, like: Debt by President/Party plus more:

Introductory Tidbits: Blanks in 1937 and 1938 have been added to make the year markers match presidential terms. In both charts, data for 2015 includes numbers through August only. Therefore, full year numbers will be different as September – December are added.

1.     The first chart displays all jobs, including government sector jobs (i.e., in 1939, approximately 1.6 million jobs were created).

2.     The second chart displays all private sector jobs; government sector jobs are NOT included (i.e., in 1939, approximately 1.5 million jobs were created). 

The average amount of all jobs created during Democratic Presidential terms is 1,748,610 and the average amount during Republican Presidential terms is 880,500.

The average amount of private sector jobs created during Democratic Presidential terms is 1,536,560 and the average amount during Republican Presidential terms is 650,330.

Therefore, the average amount of non-private sector jobs created during DEM terms is 212,050 and the average amount during GOP terms is 230,170.

Thanks for stopping by. Facts never hurt, if truthful and not spun for political gain.

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