Saturday, August 27, 2016

“Alt-Right” vs. American Values: They Want Trump to Win at Any and All Costs

New movement or old racists with new label???

A lofty goal or weak campaign vote gimmick

Startling headlines from here (

The Racist Alt-Right Dictionary” – seven terms you need to know to understand Trump's most-hateful supporters.

This old white supremacist fringe is rebranding itself with its own special code that labels Trump as its “… glorious leader.”

A few highlights from the story:

Since Republican presidential nominee Donald J. Trump went public with his embrace of the so-called “Alternative right” — which happened when he hired alt-right promoter Stephen K. Bannon as his campaign chief — who is a self-styled renegade offshoot of cultural conservatism, is getting a whole lot of attention.

What’s so renegade about the alt-right? It puts on bold display the racism and misogyny that has always fueled the so-called conservative movement, but which has typically been rationalized through themes involving the word “freedom,” employed to justify a right to discriminate, whether against members of races or creeds other than your own, or by gender, sexual orientation or gender identity.

The alt-right hordes on Twitter and other Internet haunts dispense with the obfuscation, declaring (1) the superiority of white people, (2) demonstrating contempt for blacks and Jews, (3) hating women, and (4) preposterously whining that they are the targets of a “white genocide.”

The alt-right encompasses a range of right-wing hate groups and ideologies, from the Neo-Nazi Daily Stormer crowd to the more buttoned-down wanna-be-wonks at the National Policy Institute. As Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton prepared to deliver a speech Thursday devoted to Trump’s exploitation of the alt-right, the movement’s denizens erupted in a stream of vitriol and fevered attempts to define their own movement before Clinton’s definition took hold.

Like all political movements, the alt-right has its own lexicon and memes, as well as its own interpretation of news events. 

In the article you'll find a brief list of terms you may use as a guide if you care to visit the swamps in which adherents to this 21st-century version of white supremacist ideology reside. 

Wow – ouch — what story. 

So, “Make America Great Again,” or more apropos: “Make America White Again.”

Not a good choice either way in my view. Thanks for stopping by.

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