Saturday, June 18, 2016

Trump and His Latest Poll Numbers — That is: If You Trust Poll Numbers

Trump Looking for His Poll Numbers

Trump Finds His Poll Numbers: Hey, Where's the Bottom 
(Holy Crap)

Short and sweet post – simple and direct with this revealing headline:

Donald Trump's poll numbers have fallen off a cliff — and even he knows it

His initial reaction: “My numbers, my numbers. Oh, where have you fallen? Off a cliff you say. What cliff? Oh, that one. Damn, shit fire and save matches.”

As I said, short and sweet, so I’m outta here. That is until the next poll is issued.

Between now and November 8th, I suspect a ton of them will inundate us with weekly “who won this week, or he’s up; she’s down, and vice versa." A back and forth as usual in this silly season. Prepare yourself.  

So, ho-hum on that note. As always, thanks for stopping by.

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