Monday, May 2, 2016

Trump's Voter Base: Wide and Shallow Just Like Trump

This Cannot Be Disputed At Least With a Straight Face

Reasons why Donald J. Trump has become so popular with many Republicans. Pretty simple stuff, really: In essence it’s because he panders to the bigotry, racism, hate, paranoia, prejudice, lowest common denominator (ignorance) that the Republican Party has embraced for decades. 

Despite that, there are still many in the media arena, FOX-type pundits in general, and just plain old common folk who love his rise in the GOP’s race to capture the White House in November 2016. What are we hearing the most about why Trump has “caught on” as it were? Examples of what his supporters (mostly those who have or say they will vote for him):

1. He tells it like it is: Trump isn’t “telling it like it is” because practically nothing he says is actually true. Just because someone says something repetitively, rudely and confidently doesn’t make what they’re saying remotely accurate or factual.

2. He taps into the anger about a failed status quo: Thus, he panders to bigots, racists and paranoid people who think anything that’s not straight, white, and Christian isn’t really a part of “American values.”

3. He is an outsider: Partially true. Trump has never been a politician. But neither were Carly Fiorina or Ben Carson and they never saw the overwhelming (and sustained) success that Trump has this election.

4. He’s not an elitist:  This should make anyone laugh out loud. Try to explain how a multi-billionaire who came from a family with a whole lot money isn’t an “elitist?” Does Trump live a modest life? This guy slaps his name on damn near everything he can and then brags about how rich he is nearly every day.

5. He is against trade agreements and promises to bring jobs back home: Trump is running on a platform of bringing jobs back to America and how trade agreements have cost Americans jobs and he is same guy whose business manufactures products in China, Mexico, and other overseas markets? Seems rather hypocritical – like many others, when he has the option of creating manufacturing jobs, what does he do? He chooses cheaper overseas labor.

6. We are sick and tired and betrayed by the Republican Party: Why is that? Republicans have spent years making bold promises for political gain on which they knew they could never deliver. If at all and if the GOP has become corrupted, then it’s rich people like Trump who were the ones who corrupted it.

7. He is very masculine and tough – a real man: Call this an “awe shit moment”. Trump is so thin-skinned that he lashes out at anyone who criticizes him, while being clearly insecure about the size of his hands and whining about anyone who he feels is being “unfair” to him and makes him “manly, tough and masculine?”  

8. He says what a lot of Americans have been thinking all along: Sure, that is true, if they want to sustain a ton of bigoted, ignorant, and flat-out stupid people running the country – that is people who believe a lot of information that is not factual or even remotely true (e.g., that they get from FOX or Limbaugh, et al).

Are those things noteworthy qualities or not? More like dummies being the key to his fame at this moment in time, and that is the saddest part of all

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