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Undocumented in the U.S. — Serious Problem, No Serious Solution

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First of all, and yes, we have too many undocumented immigrates here and we cannot massively “deport” them, or we cannot ask or expect them to “self-deport” themselves. 

I am not talking about those here involved in crime and such – they have to be processed out or prosecuted here and jailed. It’s the others I address: Those here illegally, but trying to live the good life with families and jobs and homes. Estimates about how many that is varies but we all agree it’s in the high millions.

We need immigration policy that works to solve this problem. A policy that can and will stop the flow of those here illegally.  Let's face there is only way to come the U.S. or any other country for that matter – that is: legally, lawfully, through the front door, normally invited properly, and not sneaking under or over the border in the middle of the night or via some tunnel under the border. 

Rational policy is sorely lacking in the U.S. and ironically it's a problem that we can't seem to solve and for sure, it’s not about to go away. And, in passing: a Wall of any type is not necessarily the solution although we have several along the southern border to channel “illegals” into Federal custody mostly. But, that too is not enough.

Let’s look at how to even ID people as they move around the globe:

1.  Emigrate means you are exiting your current homeland: People are always saying there's no quality of life in Russia or China or Mexico, so everyone wants to emigrate someplace else.

2.  Immigrate means you are coming in to a country to live: Citizens from 17 European Union countries were given freedom to immigrate to Switzerland in 2007 for example.

3.  Migrate means to move, like Monarch butterflies that migrate from Canada to Mexico and back. It doesn't have to be a permanent move, but migrate is more than a weekend away, and it's not just for butterflies. “Snowbirds” are people in cold Upstate New York for example who migrate south for the winter and then come back north when the snow melts. Or, someone might migrate to another part of the country for work or to be closer to family. 

Now others, those so-called “illegals” who are people here undocumented and living all around us without proper permission or legal papers.

Our policy stinks, too, and here is the irony: We in the U.S. at the highest levels of government (Federal and State) peddle “democracy as we hawk our freedoms” all around the globe and rightly so, 100%.

However, on the other hand (always the other hand, right), we then wonder why so many flee their native land to come here. They leaved places where there is no democracy and little if any freedoms like we enjoy and that we offer as our #1 selling point as the beacon of hope for others. They hit our shores and try to enjoy what we offer and they have to hide in the shadows. That is a totally new kind of irony I would have to say.

We also are noted for solving big problems (like going to the Moon and seeing a man walk there and all that has followed since), yet we can’t solve this problem right here at home. Why is that? Simple: Nasty, ugly, and divided politics just will not allow it.

Sadly this problem will linger until it’s fixed and it can be fixed. That will take willpower, deep understanding, and fair and honest dialogue and hard work to get new policy and procedures in place. We can do it. That is the American way.

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