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UPDATED: GOP On a Path to Total Incompetence and Political Irrelevance

Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY): Wants all keys to government
(Sour puss of the GOP Senate)

GOP Antics About the SCOTUS (Scalia) Vacancy

Update: GOP Senate Majority “Leader” Mitch McConnell (R-KY) is obviously still piqued about Mr. Obama winning a second term and being more than a “one-term president” that old Mitch predicted in his speech (remember that). He had stated that was the GOP’s role – to make Mr. Obama a one-term president. McConnell is still is simmering about that and he and his camp have flung out roadblocks and barriers ever since and now with this high court vacancy due to the recent death of Justice Scalia. Things are worse in the Senate, even if that's possible.  

This GOP-run Senate is trying to preempt Mr. Obama in advance of even nominating a replacement for the high court bench by saying in essence: “Don't even bother to send a nominee’s name. We are closed for business until after January 20, 2017 when we know the new president will be a GOPer who lockstep follow our lead on an nominee to meet our desires and wishes. So, now piss off, you Muslim prick.”  

There is no one in the country who can tell me that is not the GOP that we see today, or that we have seen by their actions (or should I say inaction) since January 20, 2009 – go ahead, try to prove me wrong. Bet ya’ can’t.

Personal challenge: If you prove me wrong and we see a slowdown of the GOP bullshit tactics I’ll give you and them “a buffalo nickel” just like “NASA director” played by Billy Bob Thornton offered to do in the movie “Armageddon” when he told “Pete the Astronaut” doing repairs on the space shuttle Atlantis who was getting highly nervous just to calm down. (You like that analogy, right?).

Anyway, this GOP is out of control and I honestly think out of touch, but we know the GOP far too long: they being good elephants will lock trunk to tail and tail to trunk and follow their party lead – a proven fact, even if it means over the cliff.  

Now after Trump's third win and a big one this time in Nevada, I suspect a couple of his challengers are considering “suspending” their campaigns (nice way to say dropping out, but we'll see). I predict that Rubio will drop out and that Trump, under the table, will offer him the VP slot and tell him to prep himself between now and the GOP convention in Cleveland in July. Just my hunch. Cruz will stick around just to be a blowhard troublemaker just like he has been in the Senate. Another hunch.

First Update: A major difference between why DEMS are DEMS and GOPers are, well, simply put, asses as best expressed in this developing story extract follows:

1.  Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) and Senate Judiciary Committee Charles E. Grassley (R-IA) both have said that Scalia should not be replaced until the next president has taken office. “The American people should have a voice in the selection of their next Supreme Court Justice,” McConnell said in the joint statement.

(I note: the people do not run government processes per se ... ducking one's duty is really pretty bad – McConnell is flat out wrong and a rabid partisan for the wrong reason).

2.  OTOH, Senate Minority Leader Harry M. Reid (D-NV) rejected the McConnell and Grassley positions, saying: “It would be unprecedented in recent history for the Supreme Court to go a year with a vacant seat. Failing to fill this vacancy would be a shameful abdication of one of the Senate’s most essential Constitutional responsibilities.”

(I absolutely agree with Reid not because I am a DEM or a loyalist to DEM principles, but because the GOPers are just patently wrong on this ducking of their duty with such a weak excuse).

The President is correct and since he still has 11 months in office, it would be irresponsible for him not to act on this vacancy.  The GOP is playing games with nasty politics – why am I not surprised.  So, how will the public react, or better how should they react, if at all? I say, they must reject this GOP stunt outright and fully and at the polls would be the best place. Show the GOP that “we the people truly has meaning and substance.”  Hard to keep up with this story, but I will keep adding to this string as developments break. Thanks for your patience.

Original Post from here:   Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-VT) is the top Democrat on the Senate Judiciary Committee. He released a statement mourning Justice Scalia, and calling on Republicans to work with Democrats to replace him swiftly because in his words, “failing to do so would weaken democracy for partisan reasons.”  

Then he added: “I hope that no one will use this sad news to suggest that the president or the Senate should not perform its constitutional duty. The American people deserve to have a fully functioning Supreme Court. The Supreme Court of the United States is too important to our democracy for it to be understaffed for partisan reasons. It is only February. The president and the Senate should get to work without delay to nominate, consider and confirm the next justice to serve on the Supreme Court.”  

I totally agree with Sen. Leahy; he is absolutely correct. The senate needs to react to any nomination President Obama might make, which is his constitutional duty and obligation to do if he chooses. Then the Senate is obligated to fulfill their duty also in accordance with the constitution, and that is to offer advice and consent for all presidential nominees. Along the way, I believe, they need to keep out the childish and rabid partisan BS. I mean that from both sides, however unlikely that is now especially in this heated, harsh, nasty, and deeply divided Senate, as well in this explosive GOP race to see who may or may not win to replace Mr. Obama, and the rabid dislike and downright hatred for Mr. Obama by many in the GOP camp. But, we shall see.  

I posted earlier (linked here) about removing Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) – GOP Senate Majority “Leader” from office, and I use that term leader loosely, for his recent statement about continuing stalemate in the Senate until after Mr. Obama leaves office. 

Removal for his potential advocacy for nonfeasance – the legal def. says: “The neglect or failure of a person to do some act which he ought to do. The term is not generally used to denote a breach of contract, but rather the failure to perform a duty towards the public.” 

McConnell’s spiel is astonishing, yet not out of character for him. After all, it was he who pledged to make “Barack Obama a one-term president.” So, Mitch old boy, how’d that work out? His recent comments can be seen here from with this startling headline: “Mitch McConnell announced that the Senate might not take up any substantive legislation in 2016”  

Now to this current GOP presidential candidate field. Seems they are giving him the okay and green light on how or how to fill the vacancy left by the recent death of Justice Scalia. Then add Mr. Obama’s comments that he will nominate someone very soon to fulfill his constitutional duty (which I totally agree with). The GOP says no, wait until after the election. Even that could take longer depending on who sits is the White House or who ends up with a Senate majority to offer “advice and content” on all presidential appointment. So, why can’t they do their duty otherwise it is irresponsible not to fulfill their oath of office.  

Mr. Obama can nominate and the McConnell and the GOP field can play rotten politics all they want – and then we’ll see who stands with the public and right or stands with wrong and more gridlock and stalemate and yes as I said nonfeasance of office, which I consider a very serious matter.  

Cruz, Rubio, Trump, and all Kasich on the Sunday TV talk shows and this is what I conclude from their remarks (paraphrased) about that possibly developing:

CRUZ: Nothing but a blowhard series of anger and fear-mongering saying that the 2nd Amendment would be overturned; Abortion would be on demand; and Vets would be treated poorly and even the “Star of David” would be removed from Vet headstones,” and much more ugliness. 

(I believe that Rafael Edward “TED” Cruz should never be president under any conditions – the man is a dangerous menace and I believe a man without a decent conscience).

TRUMP: Continuing from the previous night’s debate, he again sounded like a potty-mouth parrot out of control just as nasty and insulting as ever.

(I hope Trump loses SC because if he does I say he will feel the heat and drop out – just my prediction).

RUBIO: Totally unstable with little or no clear understanding of the Constitution or the process for nominating anyone to the high court – he is totally out control and flat out wrong.

(Rubio continues to make gaffs head over heels and I emphasize the “heel” part).  

KASICH: I was surprised at him. He is one who professes to be moderate and level-headed, but now comes across as rabid as the rest of the field about the high court appointment. He is in essence saying "leave the process alone and wait until after the election when we get a GOPer wins and “we get who and what want. That is the message I heard.  

JEB BUSH: He did not enter that nasty fray on this issue, instead he was level-headed and said instead that making any nomination is the President's call.

(Bush was the only one showing any sense on this issue). (Of course Bush is now gone – updated).  

The bottom in all this which even at this stage is disgusting is pretty simple: 

Almost all of them directly said or heavily implied that “Barack Obama cannot be trusted with this process. The Senate should not proceed. The Constitutional process be damned, and besides with nearly a year left, why not erase the last year from the Obama presidency and in fact for future DEMS make it a three-year presidency.” That is what I heard them imply.  

What this is clearly developing into on their terms is potentially a case of sick Congressional nonfeasance as I said.  This is as bad as it gets I think, but again with this crowd, bad has little or no meaning and practically no limits, either.

Worse, people like those in office or wishing to gain the Presidency have the unmitigated gall to say that “we will “fix what is wrong.”  Worse, I think is their followers who believe and trust them. What is wrong if anything? May I suggest the nearest mirror for the correct response?  So, what is wrong?  

Um … how about this list:  Candidates and incumbents profess: (1) trust me; (2) see my pure loyalty, (3) see my honesty and service to the people; (4) here’s my Bible and Constitution to prove who I am; (5) watch my floor speeches; (6) and watch me rake in the big money as free speech.

All the while they provide empty promises and false platitudes in the name of good government, but worse is that the public seems to accept it as: “Well, it’s just politics as usual.” No, folks, it's worse than that and worse than usual.  

As I have said before, make your vote count; it is your voice. Stand for something positive and not the fear and hype being sold (it is) as good government (it is not) that we are spoon fed this cycle.  

Thanks for stopping by. And, for goodness sake stay tuned. This election is going to be the #1 in our history books.

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