Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Absolute, All, Complete, Entire, Utter, Whole GOP Love of Guns

5-4 Unleashed this Madness 

Starting with this all-GOP Congress and then the NRA

Spell insane (hint it's anagram): AGNOPR ...

Need more proof that this GOP-run Congress is not people friendly, does not have the public safety foremost (despite their words otherwise), or are not the sole property and under the control of the NRA, then read no further than this story headline:

Main point that never got House debate: Guns should not be sold to people suspected of being terrorist connected, or on the “No Fly” list. Why was it never debated and voted on, you may ask? Simple: the GOP-run House blocked it.

e.g., Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) on the PP shooting in Colorado: “What happened is appalling, and justice should be swift. Clearly, we can do more, and one common denominator in these tragedies is mental illness. That’s why we need to look at fixing our nation’s mental health system.”

My note: Paul Ryan is insane and if anyone needs “mental health oversight” it is surely him and every GOPer who voted not to block and not discuss this bill. I would argue that the “one common denominator” (his words) is too many damn guns and resistance to any decent regulation about them as their handler, the NRA, dictates.

Even so, today:

1. Federally-licensed gun dealers are already barred from selling firearms to people with felony convictions or serious mental illnesses.

2. But some known or suspected terrorists, prohibited from boarding airplanes by the government’s no-fly list, are free to buy assault rifles and other weapons.

How do we know someone has or is a “serious mental case?” Does the GOP want access to all health records and play doctor? Okay, then let’s see members of Congress health records first. You know just to be “fair and balanced” as FOX says, After all, fair is fair, right? Yeah, but try telling that to this GOP. 

Thanks for stopping. BTW: let your GOP member know how insane their stance is, too.

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